Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Creative scribing turned out to be a really good day . Not least because there were a few of us scribes doing our thing and it's always a blast to meet others in what can be quite an isolated line of work and exchange tips and anecdotes ("I once drew a nose this big!").
They are invariably top people or at the very least interesting ones. It was quite exhausting standing for over five hours of solid drawing, all the while concentrating on trying to convey the speakers' meaning.
However we get paid and fed for our trouble so I'm not complaining.
Saturday, wandered down to Camden market to check out Oli Smith's excellent London Underground Comics stall where I purchased Sean Azzopardi's Twelve Hour Shift collected edition, as well as some more Tales from the Flat and Dan Lester(Monkeys Might Puke)'s very funny 24Hour Comic. The Bedsit Journal guys had a stall there too but I think it was a one-off. Nice to see something edifying and worthwhile among the endless sea of tat, crafts and souvenirs.
And just a few steps away from the Hawley Arms. Very civilised.
Oh and I left some comics with Oli who will put them out next week I hope.


Jim Medway said...

Thanks for your message - glad you enjoyed Garden Funnies! Maybe you'd like to contribute to number 2 - Call for submissions in a couple of months I expect.

anyway I'd love something of yours!
7 Lake View
Calico Lane
Furness Vale
SK23 7QD

many thanks!

Jim Medway said...

Comics arrived this morning, and we both enjoyed a good read in bed with a cup of tea! Great artwork and storytelling, and informative!
Have you thought of compiling them into one volume and getting midwives to recommend it? I reckon your style is so enjoyable and accessible that it could have quite a wide appeal.
There were parts I couldn't show to our cat Ruby, as she has already been barged out of Katy's brother's house when they had a baby.

Anyway many thanks for your generosity. Shall we link blogs?