Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Low Energy Day

Another brilliant day out with all the London Underground collective and all those other fab creators who made it to Camden on Saturday. A bit lighter on punters than the last one, no doubt due to the very warm weather (phew what a scorcher), so consequently not so lucrative. Not having any new product to push may have had some bearing on the matter too...
CLICK HERE to see more pics of the event.

Just finished part 7 of Paul Rainey's There's No Time Like the Present, a dystopian fantasy set in a Milton Keynes not a million miles from now, where time travel exists and the future is accessible online via the ultranet. Not normally a great fan of science fiction , I find this tale utterly gripping, as the story is just as much about two average blokes dealing with their frustration in an ordinary world and their inadequacy communicating with the opposite sex as it is about time travel. The characters and dialogue are written with a deadpan wit and Mr Rainey's beautifully clear drawings make it a pleasure to read.
Also got my hands on the new Bedsit Journal Issue 3 hot off the press, as well as the Dan Lester Mysteries.

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