Friday, 14 November 2008

Titillating tomes and monkey business

Last week I was in Paris yet again, where I visited the very strange but brilliant Musee de la Nature et de la Chasse, choc full of dead things, weird installations and talking trophies. In this country there would no doubt be a bunch of animal rights protesters stationed outside.
Across the road from the hospital where I was visiting my friend, for a few euros, I picked a copy of Tijuana Bibles, a compendium of racy mini comics from the 30's and 40's. Popular characters, movie stars and cultural icons like Aunt Jemima get down and dirty in these tiny eight page porno strips.

Since my return, the Tesco household has been graced by the presence of a fellow cartoonist, currently between residences.

And, no, this is not Dan Lester waiting for his turn in the bathroom at my house but the aforementioned museum...

We're off to Leeds tomorrow, so look out for my new tome if you're there...

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