Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Into the swim again

The last of the festivities are finally behind us. Took down the tree and decorations and did the galette des rois thang last night, and bar the stray choccies and goodies still lying around, it's back to normal at Tesco Towers.
Christmas day and New Year's eve were pretty jolly, with Granny and various extended family and friends swelling the numbers. Got some good swag – three Leonard "sexy" Cohen albums and some comics: Spiegelman's latest, a Cabu so massive I will need one of those lecterns they put the big bibles on in church to read it, Ghost World, Blankets... The only one I have read so far is Pyongyang by Guy Delisle, about a trip to North Korea. Rob Jackson does far eastern travel with more wit and self deprecation, but it's still a good read.
I seem to have acquired a Wire habit. Halfway through the second season, with three and four in the post, I'm totally obsessed with McNulty, Omar et all and have taken on board such new expressions as "mos def" and "good police".

There were some great highs in 2008 but the lows more than outweighed them. In the balance I can only hope that those experiences will send us forth better equipped to deal with what life wants to throw at us.

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