Friday, 29 May 2009

Sole searching

Lucy went down with a nasty bout of flu last week. While she was on the mend, in an idle moment we looked up swine flu on the NHS site. Instead of a list of symptoms, they have a questionnaire. Having replied No to all of the questions she ticked Yes to feeling some aches and pains (a pretty normal flu symptom) and was immediately directed to this screen!
We ignored it. The next day she felt much better.
Been putting recent experiences into strip form.
With a bit of luck (and less slacking) should have a new mini out for 176 which will be upon us before we know it - only four weeks to go!
Oh yeah and for the first time ever I did a quiz on facebook only to find out that I am a manic depressive. Five multiple choice questions, some of which didn't offer any appropriate answers - it's got to be true innit??

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