Thursday, 3 September 2009

On your radio

Guess what? Today I am on the radio being interviewed by Alex Fitch for resonance FM!
It was recorded back in March at Schmurgencon, so no mention of my more recent work, but I was agreably surprised by the lack of cringeing it occasioned on hearing it. Obviously a sterling job of editing as I recall having had a few drinks and babbling somewhat.
It will be broadcast at 5pm. Click HERE for more information and links to the podcast.


rob jackson said...

hi francesca, that was a very good interview, it was very interesting

fabtoons said...

Thanks Rob,
It's quite strange listening to oneself talk, but I must admit it wasn't nearly as embarrassing as I expected it to be.
I went canoeing with my son last week and thought about your canoe story (we've had hairy experiences in the past but this time it went smoothly) :-)

rob jackson said...

brrrrr canoeing. I've made my brother promise we will never ever go and do that again.