Monday, 29 March 2010

Thing to Shmurgencon

This year's Thing went off smoothly. Having started out in two minds about the sticker passport, I ended up getting quite competitive with Sally Anne, pretty much filled mine and scored some beauties.
Due to extreme skintness I made very few purchases/swaps this year. Everything I came home with was top notch, from Ellen Lindner's gorgeous Train Lines mini and Joe Decie's musings in What I Drew volume 2 to Dan Berry's newspaper-sized Oxford Clay. (I have slight reservations about this format – it is wonderful to have room for the artwork to breathe, it looks fabulous, but it's so fragile and difficult to store safely...)
And to keep up with some of my favourite series, I now have the final part of Rob Jackson's Gothic mystery Great Deeds against the Dead, part 11 of Paul Rainey's epic No time like the Present and the latest Sally Anne Hickman Diaries, covering Jan-March 2010, resplendently clad and sparkling with touching honesty.
Rob also traded me a Schmurgendoll for a Bog Wizards duck! Result!

After the show we went on to Schmurgencon 4 at the Globe a few doors down.
Imagine my elation when presented with an award for Fastest Penciller by the great man himself. Unfortunately my joy was short lived as an obviously jealous party accidentally set fire to it soon afterwards. Oh well half an award is better than none.
I was in good company as other luminaries included Paul Rainey, Best Writer/Artist, Dan Lester, Best Painted Cover and David Baillie, Best Scrotum...


tall guy said...

I actually did see who put the candle too near your award. It was Shmurgen himself.

rob jackson said...

Rob Clough says some very nice things about your story for 'Gin Palace' here at The Comics Journal

fabtoons said...

Thanks for letting me know, Rob, that is really nice.