Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Some comic reviews

Here goes:

It's a Man's Life in the Ice Cream Business
by Rob Jackson
This 24 page in-depth examination of the business that is the manufacture, distribution and selling of said frozen dessert takes us from the germination of the idea in Rob's brain through his brave leap of faith in resigning his job and the obstacles he has to overcome in the guise of Hygiene, Health and Safety. His first market is a triumph, the second less so. The highs and lows, battling recalcitrant canopies, having to think on his feet and reinvent himself to suit weather conditions, make for a fascinating read told with the gentle humour that we expect from Jackson, and includes some unusual recipes.
Bring on Part Two!

Eight Tablet Dream
by Sean Azzopardi
What if Harvey Pekar had been British and could actually draw.... ? Sean gives us another bunch of beautifully drawn anecdotes, thoughts and conversations, his jaundiced self-deprecation interjected with a fierce sense of humour that had me laughing out loud on the tube.

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