Friday, 3 February 2012

Rubberstamp of excellence

So much to catch up on as there have been no postings since well before Christmas.
Well, there was Duckie, a fairly pleasant couple of days of moderate sales in the foyer of the Barbican. The festive season was rounded up with a few days down in Kent for Nick and myself — we spent a couple of nights at the Linen Shed, a fabulous B&B in Boughton under Blean, just outside Faversham, being spoilt rotten gourmet by Vicky Hassan with her gourmet breakfasts and tempura mattresses. New Year's Eve was Nico and the gang at the Anchor for music and good times.

End of January saw Sean, Sally Anne, myself and Oliver heading back to France for our yearly pilgrimage to Angouleme. This time Art Spiegelman, with Fran├žoise Mouly, curated a smorgasbord of talks, exhibitions and events, which managed a perfect balance between French and American comic history. There was a magically dreamlike Fred display at the Hotel St Simon, and Spiegelman's own retrospective showed the man's achievement in the right (gloomy) light; the tinyness of the Maus original artwork a revelation.

Other favourites were the Sardon rubberstamp exhibit, the party at the Maison des Auteurs and the work on show there, while the big disappointments were Chris Ware's no-show, and not managing to get in to the Charles Burns or the Fred talks.

However Sally Anne
and I did get to meet
Aline Kominsky
and her very cool bag!

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