Monday, 30 June 2008

Food, drink, comics

Last Tuesday Alex Fitch organised a most pleasant evening of food, beer and chat about comics at the Stockpot. An excellent idea. I hooked up with Richy Tempolush and we headed down to the West End to join Alex, Sean Azzopardi, Dan Lester and Jimi Gherkin and meet some new faces. Dan Berry is launching a BA course in graphic novels in North Wales, and brought along two very talented students, David Procter and Alec Parry Jones. Gemma writes an intriguing fanzine while Sarah Lightman makes diary art and recently curated an exhibition on the theme.

Last night I met someone who told me about new research into brain function that reveals that the frontal lobes which control planning and thinking through the consequences of our actions don't fully finish developing until early adulthood. So I guess teenagers really are acting their age when they keep not thinking ahead.

Oh and Lucy passed her Baccalaureat! With a "mention bien"! School's out forever!

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