Monday, 20 October 2008

8 Stories by Rob Jackson

Rob Jackson's latest looks great on the outside and doesn't disappoint. As it says on the tin, there are eight stories here. The tone varies agreeably throughout; the quite poetic opening tale, written by Shonah Ingram, of the City by the Lake, and a couple of sketchbook/diary type pieces – one of South Korea, another covering a night out at a gig – are interspersed with more obviously humorous strips. All are shot through with Rob's warm, wry, self-deprecating wit.
My personal favourite, if I have to pick one, has to be the tale of adventure and horror entitled Blood and White Water as it rings quite a few bells in this house.
Rob's words and pictures complement each other beautifully. In the more linear stories, his drawings illustrate the action in a wonderfully clear fashion, while elsewhere raw jottings translate thoughts and mood.

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