Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Overworked and over here

It never rains but it pours.
I've been juggling jobs for a week now, putting in twelve hour days to keep up with the volume. But I'm not complaining.
It all contributes to financing that rather expensive habit of mine – no, not the drink or the drugs, and most definitely not the gambling (never saw the point of that one) – but the producing of ilustrated pamphlets for the amusement of a rather select public. And trips to Gay Paree. My collected edition of TMNTITW is at the printers as we speak, and I would love to get something new out for Leeds which is only two weeks away.
Had a most excellent night out at the Barbican last week grooving to the exotic sounds of Africa Express, a star studded extravaganza of some of the top musicians from that continent, from Toumani Diabate through Amadou and Mariam and culminating in the godlike Rachid Taha, who can do no wrong in my eyes ever since I heard his version of "Douce France" with Carte de Sejour.

The highlight of this weekend will be Halloween; my little nieces are coming over from Paris for the express purpose of a spot of trick or treating in the spooky neighbourhood of Kensal Rise.

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