Thursday, 29 October 2009


It's my favourite festival of the year again! And to mark the occasion I will be unveiling a new minicomic and Tshirt at Handmade and Bound this Sunday. If you want to see the whole thing, I've posted it on the Sequential HERE.
I hear there will be plenty of other goodies on offer including something quite surprising from the uncompromising Schmurgen Jonerhaffs.

I will be celebrating fully with my little nieces who come over from France especially. Friday night, the V&A is putting on a special evening under the heading In the Dead of Night, Saturday we will be indulging in a spot of your good ole trick or treating, while Sunday offers up the unbounded joy of THIS. I think I might die of excitement!!!
Luckily Handmade and Bound is just up the road from the British Museum, or I might consider giving it a miss.....

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