Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Cos I'm worth it

Well, that was different. I felt decidedly underdressed as an uninterrupted flow of ninjas, monsters and nymphets filed past my table. The beating drums and inane singing made my head throb as I sweltered in the heat generated by thousands of bodies encased in lycra, fake fur, pvc and cardboard. And that was before downing the five cocktails – electric lemonade administered a much needed shock to revive the system after two days of being ignored by the manga buying fraternity.

Highlights of the weekend, pub with fellow small pressers not included, were the visit from Annie and Joe (who enlightened us philistines on some of the costumes on display), purchasing a gorgeous little watercolour from Gary Northfield, and a rare appearance by the elusive Schmurgen Jonerhaffs, promoting his new material. Check out more PICS HERE

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