Tuesday 29 April 2008

Neither shipshape nor Bristol fashion

Feeling a bit bummed as Bristol is looming and I had hoped to have a new mini comic for it and instead I keep having to do WORK!
Still shouldn't complain. After all I do like sleeping in a house, eating decent food, wearing clothes and stuff like that but why oh why must the pesky details of real life like paying mortgages and bills and shit have to interfere with the joyous business of comic making.

Although if truth be told I mostly like my paying work - it's just there's never enough TIME!

Anyway, Sean has done a splendid job and produced a poster for The Camden Con and Oli dazzled us with his brilliance on Radio 4 yesterday (you can hear it here).

Bristol is only ten days away and it's pissing down with rain.

Tuesday 22 April 2008

Nice remarks

I just found some nice remarks posted about ME by the very talented David O'Connell, creator of Tozo, here.
How nice is that?

Monday 21 April 2008

No Barcodes announced

Things seem to have got busy again, with regular strips and recurring freelance jobs fitting in and around subbing shifts.
Met up with Oli, Sean and Dan on thursday for a little reconnaissance mission in Portobello for a future convention site.
That one will be taking place later in the year,
but the exciting news is the official announcement of NO BARCODES, the London Underground Comics convention on Saturday May 31 2008 at Camden Lock Market.

Should be a fantastic day with all the jolly crowd from the stall plus all you lovely small press creators out there who want to come along and join in the fun. It will be free to punters and only about £7 to exhibitors – much better value than your average convention!
Check out the fabulous trailer video and further details of how to take part at www.londonundergroundcomics.com

Sunday 13 April 2008

Artybookshoppy party

Persuaded Nick to come and enjoy a couple of beers at the launch of the fabulous London Underground Comics window display on friday night and very jolly it was too. And ended in a Brick Lane curry.
Took Ned to the stall Saturday where he knocked off a few likenesses of the guys (for less blurry pictures of friday night and Ned's pics look here).
Then went home and cooked couscous for ten people.
Got up this morning and knocked up a few flyers for the upcoming Camden Comics Mini Con. Damn I'm good!

Sunday 6 April 2008

Brighton breezy

Popped down to the seaside for a lovely outing yesterday. Didn't actually see the sea as we spent a leisurely afternoon in the pub at the Gladstone Mini Con, meeting other creators, drinking beer and even selling the odd comic. Managed to bag the last half table and shared it with groovy Jimi Gherkin. Had the pleasure of meeting Dr Parsons and the Sound of Drowning among others but headed back to town before the evening's musical entertainment. All in all a very convivial event and, I would venture, a successful format.

Woke up this morning to find that it was snowing. A thick white blanket lay over the garden and the cemetary behind and more was coming thick and fast. Ned rushed out to the park for some winter fun with his mates. By mid afternoon, it had stopped and melted away as quickly as it appeared.

Tuesday 1 April 2008

Spring is sprung

Tulips appearing in my garden and a little ray of sunshine to make everyone more cheerful. So far have been fortunate enough to have avoided the bug that has been striking people down left right and centre.
Been catching up with old friends and sorting out work as well as thinking about contributions to publications.
Camden again on Saturday. Spent some time on the stall in the afternoon then back to Chalk Farm in the evening for a few drinks with the Egan clan ending in slightly disgraceful behaviour (i.e. dancing) with Maire "Eileen" Fahey and Anne Witchard.

A few pics from the stall at various times:

Sean's new gloves

And the award goes to...

Dan the man

More fun and games last night with the aforementioned Egans plus Heva and the chichiraras.