Saturday 31 March 2012

E by gum

TMNTITW is now available through Amazon as a Kindle download... How very 21st century!

The 'Look inside' feature apparently takes a bit longer to activate – hopefully it will be up and running soon.
We shall see whether there is any interest in comic books in this format, as the choice on offer appears to be a fairly limited so far. Being black and white and mostly simple line work, this book seems eminently suitable for the medium.
If the reaction is encouraging, now we have cracked the technology, I will no doubt upload some more of my back catalogue.
The digital revolution marches on. I personally prefer good old-fashioned paper and ink, physical tomes with smells to breathe in and textures to fondle. But why ignore a whole world of people who experience their reading in a different way and don't need to clog their lives with objects. All power to them I say.
And I swear I can hear a million trees breathing sighs of relief .