Friday 8 February 2013


A terrible thing happened on the way back from Angouleme. Somehow my sketchbook went missing. I have not entirely given up hope but it is fading fast and I have no sketches to post. This year had been particularly magical as I got the chance to cast my vote for one of my all-time heroes of the pen to be the next President of the Jury, the incredible Willem. And not only had I had the chance to shake his hand, and subsequently have a few beers in his company, he had drawn in said sketchbook, examined it, and I had made several sketches of him. However he won the prize (Hallelujah!) and so he will be back next year. Though in his capacity as King of the Festival he may not be as free to mingle anonymously again.
Apart from this upsetting hiccup, the festival was as usual a joyous five days of exhibitions, talks, meeting old chums and new, with a lot of sketching and a bit of selling. And Hugo finally made the trip and joined me for two and a half days of boulimie BD. I will report in more detail in my next post.