Tuesday 23 August 2011

War - The Human Cost

At last Saturday's panel at the Imperial War Museum we shared the stage with Sean Duffield of Paper Tiger Comix who, along with contributors Dan Locke and Ben Naylor, was discussing his latest publication War - The Human Cost.
I have just finished reading my copy and I would urge anyone who cares about our planet to invest in one. This is a compelling 260-page collection of hard hitting comics from many contributors from around the world. The quality of this anthology is unquestionable; top notch artwork and proper intelligent discourse, covering conflicts all over the globe going back over a century, it tells a variety of stories and looks at the issue from many perspectives. Not only will you be contributing to a worthy cause (Campaign Against Arms Trade), you might actually learn something too.
And I haven't even listened to the CD yet.

Thursday 18 August 2011

Radio days

On Tuesday night Eileen and I appeared on a special edition of Alex Fitch's Panel Borders on Resonance FM informing people about the goings on this weekend at the Imperial War Museum. Click HERE to listen to the programme.
Check Paul Gravett's blog for a full report and information about the event.

Friday 5 August 2011

Comics and war

Two weeks after Austerity Caption, my mother and I will be appearing at the Imperial War Museum to present Philip and Helena in the context of the Comics and Conflicts event.
Eileen's moving account of her wartime experiences might surprise those of you who imagine it was all spam and powdered eggs.