Monday 4 July 2011

Bubbling with excitement

Yay! I am looking forward to going to Caption in August and have got round to booking a table at Leeds Thought Bubble in November.

Now to produce some new work...

Sunday 3 July 2011

Go East, young man

Dan Lester has left the building.
On Friday, after two and a half years in Harlesden, Dan has packed up his belongings and headed for the Far East in search of new adventures.
What seemed like a month-long farewell party culminated last Thursday June 30th in his final goodbye to the comics fraternity at the launch of David B's latest oeuvre, the Self Made Hero published Black Paths. I have so far only dipped in to my copy, a thing of beauty, the usually stark black and white line work complemented by gorgeous colour. I will savour it slowly to make the pleasure last.

Dan could barely contain his joy at his awesome leaving card.

A month of events kicked off for me with David O'Connell's very jolly Queen Mum Workshop at Orbital, part of the International Alternative Press Fair, on June 9th. The 16th saw the London Print Studio play host to a private view for the Imagined Cities exhibition. Dan's official farewell barbecue took place on a rainy Saturday 18th (Sarah McIntyre wrote a report here). Next up was the Comix Reader launch on 22nd June – get yourselves a copy already, it's only a pound for chrissakes!
July 1st we celebrated We Are Words and Pictures displaying their work at Bookartbookshop and last night we popped by the incredibly talented Julia Scheele's birthday drinks in Camden.

Latest news is that Dan arrived safely in Korea and has started making friends.