Thursday 28 August 2008

Back on track

Back at work and looking forward to LOW ENERGY DAY in Camden on Saturday. It should be a fantastic day with even more creators than at No Barcodes, more punters than ever what with it being summer, and all those people who missed out last time not wanting to make the same mistake twice.
Unfortunately due to events beyond my control, there will not be any addition to the collection of titles I will be hawking but others have been more productive. I'm looking forward to the Dan Lester Mysteries along with several other new releases.
Popped down to the stall to see the lads briefly last week and everyone is gearing up for LED. David Baillie is gathering portraits of and by participants in a gallery. Check out all the contributions HERE, including a Jake Harrold by yours truly.

Friday 15 August 2008

My Dad

London 03/10/24 –
Courtonne les deux eglises 08/08/08