Thursday 11 December 2008

LUC Christmas party

This Saturday will be the culmination of an extraordinary year for comics in London and the Camden crew along with many other creators and their friends will be exhibiting art (click for full listing), selling comics, partying and generally having a good time all day in this central location.
Come on down and start celebrating Christmas in a sequential art stylee and rub shoulders with the likes of Oli Smith, Dan Lester, Sean Azzopardi and Oliver Lambden!
They might draw a picture! And let you buy it! How cool is that?
Or you could simply have a few drinks and enjoy the scintillating company at the LONDON UNDERGROUND COMICS CHRISTMAS EVENT.

Sunday 7 December 2008

Mexican wave and suds wash the blues away

Another week of extremes. From a couple of days of pressure on the work front, to being ripped off by my dentist, to Ned landing in hospital. The midweek drama came as an utter shock, and Ned's twenty four hours on a drip have shaken up everything we believed safe.
We will be needing to take a long hard look at ourselves and probably make some changes. Thankfully we were able to bring Ned home on thursday evening.
On friday we were joined by Krissie as we set off for Brighton to enjoy a performance of Caryl Churchill's Cloud nine by the Sussex University Drama Society (SUDS) and starring among others LUCY TESCO playing a lesbian, a sexy widow and a governess (also lesbian).
Drawing a parallel between colonialism and gender and sexual oppression, the play manages to examine the issues with humour. Both direction and acting were excellent, and the laughter a welcome diversion from recent events. To be reunited as a family however briefly was a much needed bonus.
By saturday Ned was off to a poker night, and Nick and I repaired to the Roundhouse to boo and cheer along with Lucha Libre, that I would dub the most fun night out in town!
Midgets, transvestites and musclemen in tights and masks throw themselves and each other around the ring and out of it, in a hilariously exciting display, part pantomime, part acrobatics, cheered on by a taco and margarita-fuelled audience.
We were seated ringside, surrounded by little (and some not so little) boys in masks, shouting abuse and encouragement at the rudos (baddies)and tecnicos (goodies) wrestling up a sweat just a couple of feet away.
Imagine how thrilling it was to have EL MISTICO thrown over the barrier virtually into my lap, spilling my frozen margarita and landing in his lycra clad glory at my feet...