Monday 27 September 2010

Piles of bastards

Due to a surfeit of obligations, blogging has taken a backseat of late.
Boxes of Bastards 2 now sit in my hallway, awaiting distribution to said Bastards.
The finished article is a thing of wonder, a real fat proper BOOK!
Last week Ellen Lindner organised a mass Whores of Mensa comicsigning at her pad, a rather jolly affair with booze and cake.
I discovered that Richard Cowdry has moved into our neighbourhood, upping the concentration of comicfolk in NW10.
Applications have been sent off for the upcoming french comicfest and I am attempting to complete my other assignments with looming deadlines while still overseeing the rehabilitation and relocation of my mother.
All in all, busy busy times...

Friday 17 September 2010

A comic for all ages

Okay, so it looks like Solipsistic Pop 3 will soon be unveiled, so here's a peak at Marc Ellerby's cover.
As a contributor to this august publication, I will allow myself to express immense pride at being part of such a gorgeous thing. That's enough of that, I am a miserable worm, I am not worthy, etc...
Find out more at

Sunday 12 September 2010

Whores and bastards

After a long hiatus in my blogging, here is some news.
Last week saw the launch of Whores of Mensa 5 at a spiffing party organised by Ellen Lindner, who also happens to be editor of said publication. The comic is a brilliant collection of party-themed pieces, containing works by the likes of Patrice Aggs, Sarah Macintyre, Ellen, Jeremy Day, moi, and a host of others. Click here for a full list and more details.
As a contributor, I was of course was invited to the event in Maartje Shalkx's envy-inducing loft/studio in Kingsland Road. The comic cognoscenti enjoyed booze and cake and were regaled by the spinnings of one Reginald Frothy. Nick noted that we were in the heart of Vietnamese restaurant heaven and we swore to return to these parts...

Meanwhile The long awaited B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S 2 is ready and in the capable hands of the printers! With contributions from such talents as Dan Lester, Paul Rainey, Rob Jackson, Oliver Lambden, David Baillie, Sean Azzopardi, Phil Spence, our favourite Norwegian, and on the girl's team Sally-Anne Hickman and my good self, you are in for a treat. Coming in at a whopping 208 pages, I can barely contain my excitement!

And another thing I forgot to post: My friend Jim Medway has created "Comical Animal" a new online comic about funny animals. It features an amazing line-up of artists , none more so than the brilliant Gary "Smoking Ducks" Northfield. I did a cartoon for it based on a fifties Tiny Tots strip called 'Jumbo Jim and his brother Tim'. Here's the preview issue. Why don't you subscribe and get on the mailing list? It's free (I think).

Monday 6 September 2010

Coming soon

Why I've been so quiet of late.
Well, part of the reason anyway.