Friday 28 May 2010

Boys at school

Finally sent off my contribution to Whores of Mensa 5, Ellen Lindner, Jeremy Dennis and Mardou's rocking journal of ladies' cartoon art .

This one is the Party Issue so you can guess the theme of my strip.

This weekend is MCM expo. I will not be attending this time, but the line up of top creators looks to be as sparkling as ever.
Schmurgen Jonerhaffs is rumoured to be making an appearance...

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Naked lady and comic ladeez

Today, at a life drawing class with Sean and Sally Anne, I made some nice pictures of a lady with no clothes on. After years of pleasing yourself, it makes a sobering change to have someone look over your work and suggest how you might improve your technique. Certainly inspires you to up your game.
Last night I finally made it to the monthly Ladeez Do Comics evening at the Rag Factory. The theme was comics of a medical bent. Philippa Perry presented her excellent and acclaimed Couch Fiction, I got to meet her at last and she is as witty as her book. She was followed by Thom Ferrier who was very amusing about the pressures of being a GP in a remote Welsh valley, and proceedings wound up with a cheerful look at cancer in comics.

Sunday 23 May 2010

How the croissant crumbles

This gorgeous weather is making sitting in semi darkness trying to conjure up long forgotten images even harder.

The past is another country, sometimes hard to relocate.

Wednesday 12 May 2010

From comic launch to comic pooch

Last week, the project Emma Price has been involved in for what seems like for ever was launched at the Book Club in Shoreditch and the gang turned out in force. I also had the pleasure of bumping into Anne Witchard there, who has published a learned tome since I last saw her.
Sunday saw Gwen celebrate her birthday at the Lexington where I was introduced to a most charming individual by the name of Bruce Lee.

And Rob Clough of The Comics Journal has reviewed several of my comics HERE . Yay!

Saturday 1 May 2010

Free Paper from comic maestros

Don't forget today is Free Comic Book Day. Go pick up your copy of Paper Science 2 at Orbital! I am very proud to have been allowed to contribute to what should be a class act as it was put together by the same team as this next item.
Thursday night at the launch I picked up a copy of Solipsistic Pop. Once again it is a triumph. From its gorgeous cover (with flaps, I like flaps), through 64 pages of excellence, rises the smell of quality. The 12 page Funnies newspaper section kicks off with Stephen Collins' genius summing up of the internet. And it comes with a lovely tote bag. Eat your heart out Marie Claire, now I can get free goodies with something I actually want to read (and keep).
Buy your copy HERE.
Well done Tom, Matt and all involved, once again you have raised the bar for comics in this country! We can only be inspired and strive to improve.