Saturday 26 December 2009

Sunday 13 December 2009

Crumby crimble crush

That Christmas feeling is starting to make itself felt, as festive activity steps up a gear...
Popped into the Scream gallery on Thursday to catch the Crumb show before it folded; it was fantastic to be able to examine his artworks up close and personal, without the crowds there had been at the Whitechapel back in 2005. I was both pleased and disappointed at the prices (pleased their value is being recognised, but disappointed to be so out of reach of even my wildest dreams).
Friday night saw us totally knocked out by the fancy footwork and tonsil action of the cast of Hairspray led by Phill Jupitus resplendent in petty pants and frock. Not a fan of the West End musical genre as a matter of course, I was completely bowled over by the way the John Waters film had been so perfectly adapted as a stage show. Truly uplifting fun.
And now we have a tree, so let the miracle happen...
Oh and it has. We have a place to stay in Angouleme and it's not too shabby. Nice one Sean!

Friday 4 December 2009

Punk pub and outsider art : weekend win!

Went to Fulham today for Ned's rugby club lunch.
We spent a lovely afternoon in the Wheatsheaf on Fulham Road with excellent company and food, and to top it all the pub happens to be run by the son of old mates of Nick's from the punk days. The framed vintage posters on the walls led to conversation with the manager - turned out they were his Mum's!
Whilst on the subject of punk, Nick has handed me the next installment of the memoir, so need to get on with drawing...

If you have the chance, I heartily recommend you get over to Primrose Hill and check out the Museum of Everything. Tucked behind the Library off Regent's Park Road, enter a wonderful space filled with all sorts of strange and brilliantly mad outsider art. It's on until Dec 23rd, it's free (donations gratefully received) and it is quite extraordinary.
Meanwhile Angouleme is becoming more and more of a reality. Well obviously it IS a reality as we have booked a table and now we have train tickets and we have ALMOST got our accommodation sorted.