Thursday 30 July 2009

Challenging concepts

More vintage Tesco taking shape:

Today I found this very complimentary review of Rob Jackson's Pasty Anthology which mentions my contribution HERE. It's American and they seem to be struggling with the very concept of Pasty but managed to enjoy the oeuvre none the less.
I am planning to go to Oxford and attend Caption this year. I only discovered yesterday that they have a brochure one can contribute to. I have until tomorrow to come up with something. And draw it. I like a challenge! Especially with a theme like AWAY WITH THE FAIRIES.

Friday 24 July 2009

Up and at 'em

I'm BACK from France and I've found I've got a fantastic review on Forbidden Planet for Striptacular HERE and I've been working on a new project with Nick, so let's go baby...

Wednesday 8 July 2009

Prolific or what?

I have just received Rob Jackson's marvellous Pasty Anthology through the post.
Jam packed full of mouth wateringly hilarious material from Rob, Jim Medway, Dave Hughes and more!
And did I mention that I contributed a few pages? get yourselves a copy here, you won't be disappointed!
At this moment I have newly published work in an astonishing number of comics, namely Richy K Chandler's excellent Bunch 2, Jim Medway's Garden Funnies 2, my own Sole Searching and now the Pasty Anthology bringing it to a total of four.
Ubiquitous, moi?
At 176 I picked up Part 9 of Paul Rainey's wonderful graphic novel There's no time like the Present, which keeps up the top quality of the series' storytelling and artwork. Get yourself a copy here.
And I finally got my hands on Undertow, Ellen Lindner's masterful, and beautifully drawn tale of delinquents, drugs and redemption set in sixties Brooklyn.