Tuesday 12 May 2015

Festivals and fears

Last Saturday was the first outing of the Dessinators at a UK comic fair since CECAF last November. Sean and I did make it to Angouleme, but we seem to have spent the last six months in hibernation. Takeover 2015, the Alternative Press and London Radical Bookfair cross-over in Bermondsey, was a welcome distraction from the disappointment of the election and ended up being a good day despite the delayed-delivery-of-tables fiasco. So great to catch up with my table mates and see some familiar faces again.
I managed to produce a new mini comic for the event, as well as collecting my copy of A little Bit of Undigested Potato bad dream anthology from the lovely Keara Stewart. As well as organising a second event, Sean has found time to put together another excellent new tome – check out Tracks in Orbital or Gosh. A date for your diary is June 6th : make your way to Crouch End for CECAF 2 and all kinds of comic goodness! Expect to see the likes of Sally Anne Hickman, Danny Noble, Julia Scheele, Breakdown Press, Paul Rainey, Andy Oliver and many many more...

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