Sunday 17 April 2016

Creatrix evening

It's been a while but I'm back. Walking again, drawing again. Friday night I met Sally Anne at the House of Illustration in Kings Cross where the fabulous Aline Kominsky was being interviewed by Sarah Lightman - a most inspiring and enjoyable event, well worth the trek. I also took in the Comix Creatrix exhibition featuring work by 100 women artists – too many to list here but it includes Claire Bretecher, Tove Jansson, Posy Simmonds, Julie Doucet, Kate Beaton, Donya Todd and Isabel Greenberg... What a delight to see a page from the amazing Lynda Barry's 1980's Girls and Boys, examine Aline K's tiny artwork, discover Brigid Deacon's Burns-eque Coma Deep and find a fetish comic from the 1950s that looks so ahead of its time... Surprisingly few familiar faces and a fair amount of guys at the talk but Corinne Pearlman, Lee Kennedy and Wallis Eates helped make it more of a Ladeez night.

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